Sunday, March 7, 2010


GIVE ME THE SPLENDID SILENT SUN” BY Walt Whitman is a free verse poem which was published in 1865 and in this period world war approaching to its end. Basically Whitman presents the prose and cons of society both of country life and city life. There are two parts of this poem. In first part the poet said that he is fed up from the city life and want to enjoy the beauties of nature for which he ant to go to village but in second part he said that I did not left my Manhattan.

The poem begins with longing of sunlight mean he wants the life of countryside because he is totally fed up from the busy life of city life. Along with this he wanted to enjoy the life of tranquility with the shining rays of sunlight that if you want to gaze at sun it blurs your vision. Then he further said that the people of city life would not get the fresh fruits as people living in village life got them so he wishes for the fresh fruits from orchards and fresh juices that coming straight from orchards. This what he is craving for. Then again he wants that grass which is unmowed and rough. He wants to take rest under shady tree and have a desire that he should get the trellised grape (a structure which is used to support creeping wine plant). He was fed up from humdrum of day to day life. He again wishes for the fresh wheat and corn and the serene (calm) movement of animals such as cows, buffalos, goats etc. As Wordsworth said that “nature plays a role of teacher and preacher, mother and a nurse.” He is of the view that this is the purest of pure life where nights are perfectly quiet and gardens are full of beautiful flowers without disturbing anyone. He wishes to marry a woman who never adore and children who are respectful, genuine and careful to the parents and children. He further said that he is sick of this noisy world and want peace and calm. He wanted to sing that song which is rthymical and spontaneous. The village life does not have any artificiality. The poet wants solitude and loneliness. He is sick to the city life.

The mood of the writer changes in the second part of poem which is the praise of city life that keep your splendid silent sun. he is so deeply routed in city life that he was accustomed of the habitat of city. If someone is away from city life he is just like a fish out of water. He loves and adores the busting life of Manhattan. There is hustle and bustle in the city life. The poet did not wants that blessings and beauties of nature. He tells that villagers can keep everything by their own selves and did not give to anybody. He loves the crowded scenes of Manhattan of America where streets are thronging with people and thickly appreciated. They rub shoulders to each other while passing from any street. He is in habit of interaction of men and women. He wanted pavements of cities rather than footpaths of village. He is of the view that those who are in habit of city life would not adjust in village life. He wanted those eyes which are countless in large number. He was accustomed to the city life where he wanted moral liberal society. He wishes to live in that place where people can change their partners. He had longings for sexual appetites. People living in city wants change. He desires for the sound of trumpets and drums of soldiers. He wanted life full of charm, solitude and repletion. Having bar rooms, huge hotels, dancing clubs and saloons on ship. At night torch-light procession was held which is another mean of heavy traffic which creates rush and make city noisy. The people wounded by rustle was also seen in Manhattan and chorus was varied. He loves every part of Manhattan and he is devoted to it. In fact he is idol worshipper of Manhattan. As city was known for its ostentations and artificiality so he is in praises of this city. At the end he wants all the things of Manhattan and he never leave it.


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